Tuesday, February 5, 2008


that's right. we're gross. we all got some sort of intestinal parasite (stupid viruses) and are slowly on the mend. we're not sure if ella ever got it, although she has experienced sporadic vomiting. her mother on the other hand- the queen of vomiting- ended up in the ER on IV fluids and some anti-nausea medication. john, with his cast iron stomach, managed to squeak by with only a day of "light" vomiting and little josiah has gotten by without incident...so far. please Lord, let him stay healthy!

it's been a real hoot. i sure do love tossing my cookies.

thankfully, john's mom came down and watched the kids while i entertained myself seeing how much weight i could lose via dehydration. then she sat here until two in the morning with the kids while john and i sat in the ER. poor girl, i hope she doesn't catch it either!

it's funny because everyone that finds out i was sick asks "are you pregnant?"

i'll tell you what a day of raucous vomiting does...makes me soooo glad i got the tubes tied! as i was lying there on the gurney i just kept thinking 'oh please not another pregnancy' and just so you know...i'm not pregnant.

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Rachel said...

Ha Ha Ha!
That's the same question I got last week! No, I'm not, by the way