Thursday, January 31, 2008


we made a very exciting discovery the other day while driving past the elementary school where ella will be attending kindergarten...we have a neighborhood park only 0.5 miles from the house.
last weekend (or so) john and i walked the kids down there to play, and josiah rode his first swing. if you listen closely, you can hear him giggle.

the kids also rode a slide, but the video of that isn't as exciting. we did get some cute pictures of that though, darn my kids are good looking!

afterward we walked over to the neighborhood pub and threw back a couple. we let ella entertain herself with the camera- she's getting pretty good at taking photos.


Mel said...

LOVE the video! I can't wait to get the boys together again... Gavin is much more enjoyable now and laughs and giggles all the time too, so I just know they'd be a blast together! Miss you all! XOXOXO

Michele said...

awww, I used to play at that very park when I was little. If the giant cheese is still there, look for my name written inside it--I was a total rebel! :)