Friday, May 30, 2008

the wild, wild west

back in november, ella asked her grammy if she could take her to camp snoopy for her birthday. grammy, of course, said yes. grammy also thought it would be fun to take ALL the grandkids to camp snoopy...she's a very brave grammy.

so, on may 9, the kids and i ventured up to beautiful, scenic buena park and met grammy, grandpa, aunt jenni, uncle mario, gracie, caleb and joshua at the knott's berry farm entrance.

we had lots of fun...
first we rode the stage coach

then we bought light up visors

i'm not sure whether these were more fun for the kids or the adults...

then we rode some rides

then we made sand animalish-thingeemabobbers

all-in-all, the babies weren't impressed

but it sure wore uncle mario out!

finally, we were ready to go home. but not before we memorialized our trip with a pit stop at the old west tin-type photography studio.

thanks, grammy & grandpa for a GREAT day!


ella's been bugging me for WEEKS to look through her "panda crafts"- all of the things that she made during her 2006-07 preschool year. i've been putting it off because...well...just imagining adding to the chaos around this place is exhausting.

but, finally, a couple of days ago we went through the folder.

not that i didn't enjoy looking over all of ella's handiwork, but i have to admit that the highlight was finding this:

you see, i've found that the number of photos that include sandra & me is woefully small. so, i was terribly excited to find this one- which i think is a nice shot of the both of us. as long as you can overlook the fact that i'm a bit chubby looking. in my defense, i was 8 months pregnant.

anyway, i just wanted to share it- it was a fun day and i'm so thankful to have a reminder of it.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

ahhh, sweet relief

put a fork in me, i am DONE!

and when i say done, i mean done...with this semester's microbiology class. i gave the last exam this evening and finished inputting my grades just a moment ago. they managed to close the class with an 81% average.

maybe i'm too easy on them. boy, i bet they'd love to hear that.

at any rate, i'm done.

at least, that is, until june 17th when the summer semester starts. now THAT will be fun. four days a week, 4.5 hours a day, for eight weeks. mmm hmmm, they're going to love it.

i actually prefer the summer session.

as a student, i'm sure it sucks. but for the professor who's already taught the class it is, as they say, pan comida. and i get paid twice as much because the class is twice as often. and i get evenings off.

until next fall, when i start teaching the monday/wednesday night section.


well, for now i'm stoked.

and john will be home tomorrow for a day and a half, so that should be nice...if by "should" i mean "definitely" and by "nice" i mean "rockin."

even though none of my students even know this blog exists, i just want to give them a little shout out. they did a really good job and i'm proud of them. it's a tough class- and i'm not only saying that because i'm so smart.

well, happy summer everyone!

p.s. local ladies...i'll be planning a "girls' night" here at casa de wagner in the next couple of weeks. since john will be gone, i'll be needing some one to talk to who is older than 5. and y'all fit the bill. so, stay tuned for details. and those of you out-of-towners who might be reading this, you're invited too- come on out and enjoy some so cal hospitality.

Monday, May 19, 2008

oh, those talented wagners

we can do lots of things, but lately of note...

we can crawl (much better than this, but not on video)...
we can whistle...
and we can giggle...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

happy birthday, ellabug!

can you believe she's FIVE?!?!
it seems only yesterday she was four...

and the day before that, she was three...

and the day before that, she was two...

and the day before that, she was one...

but first, she was born...

thank you Lord, for our little miracle baby!