Friday, May 30, 2008


ella's been bugging me for WEEKS to look through her "panda crafts"- all of the things that she made during her 2006-07 preschool year. i've been putting it off because...well...just imagining adding to the chaos around this place is exhausting.

but, finally, a couple of days ago we went through the folder.

not that i didn't enjoy looking over all of ella's handiwork, but i have to admit that the highlight was finding this:

you see, i've found that the number of photos that include sandra & me is woefully small. so, i was terribly excited to find this one- which i think is a nice shot of the both of us. as long as you can overlook the fact that i'm a bit chubby looking. in my defense, i was 8 months pregnant.

anyway, i just wanted to share it- it was a fun day and i'm so thankful to have a reminder of it.


Bre said...

What a beautiful picture!!!

(You don't look chubby OR 8 mos. pregnant, by the way ... no fair!) :-)

Fit For Real said...

Ahh... that brought me a huge smile!