Tuesday, September 16, 2008

a little off the top

that's right faithful reader, josiah got his golden locks chopped. much to my surprise he actually enjoyed the clippers- they must have tickled.

it's unclear to me though who the real star of the show is?!?...

i miss the way his hair combed over into that "little boy haircut."

he does, however, look completely awesome with a buzz- even with a face full of pesto!

well done, daddy...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

rad, period.

this comes your way via john, who saw something on our friend jonathan pope's website, which led him to click something which brought up a page that had a picture on it, which he clicked and led him here.

so, without any further ado

one completely satisfied viewer, eviltella, had this to say about the guitarist Jim Durham:
"Filmed a short while after his conversion you can still see the Irish Punk attitude that first endeared him to Elvis Costello. Jim had captured the imagination of a group of parishioners, who frankly wouldn't have known "cool" if it had descended from Heaven on a golden calf, and organized their Thursday night choir practice into this gem of early eighties new wave...."

I guess that about sums it up.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

the newest wildcat

well, folks we've reached yet another milestone.

ella is now an official kindergartner. as of tuesday, august 19th, ella is a sundance elementary school wildcat. her teacher is a very sweet lady named ms. scattareggia- ms. scatt for short.

incidentally, ella is attending the same elementary school that aunt michele did...many, many, many years ago :-).

ella's enjoying school, i think mostly because she gets to carry her very own hello kitty lunch box (complete with hello kitty thermos and hello kitty insulated food container). if only i could get her to eat all of the food i pack into the hello kitty goods...

did you know they make you buy those separately now?!?! what a crock.

now a week into kindergarten, ella is a seasoned veteran. it's so fun to see her socialize and be her very own person.

well, that is until i realize that my little teeny girl is growing up. then mommy puts on her sunglasses and sheds a few silent tears of joy with just a pinch of sadness.

without further ado, here's our girl. so precious. i just love her.

little brother seems to enjoy the idea of kindergarten too. although, he does bellow "ella" throughout the day, so maybe he's not quite caught on yet...

waiting in line to go to class after the morning bell.

ella's new favorite "photo" face. it's been a real fun development.