Sunday, September 14, 2008

rad, period.

this comes your way via john, who saw something on our friend jonathan pope's website, which led him to click something which brought up a page that had a picture on it, which he clicked and led him here.

so, without any further ado

one completely satisfied viewer, eviltella, had this to say about the guitarist Jim Durham:
"Filmed a short while after his conversion you can still see the Irish Punk attitude that first endeared him to Elvis Costello. Jim had captured the imagination of a group of parishioners, who frankly wouldn't have known "cool" if it had descended from Heaven on a golden calf, and organized their Thursday night choir practice into this gem of early eighties new wave...."

I guess that about sums it up.


Stephanie said...

wow. i have no words.

except...for some reason, this is what I think would happen if Gob converted and wrote a song.

Sabine said...

Rad is the word.

Mary said...

no, friends, i believe the word is, "Zap!" of which Gob would clearly approve.

Mrs. Fix said...


Rebecca said...

Just saw it, better late than never.

It put a smile on my face:)