Friday, May 30, 2008

the wild, wild west

back in november, ella asked her grammy if she could take her to camp snoopy for her birthday. grammy, of course, said yes. grammy also thought it would be fun to take ALL the grandkids to camp snoopy...she's a very brave grammy.

so, on may 9, the kids and i ventured up to beautiful, scenic buena park and met grammy, grandpa, aunt jenni, uncle mario, gracie, caleb and joshua at the knott's berry farm entrance.

we had lots of fun...
first we rode the stage coach

then we bought light up visors

i'm not sure whether these were more fun for the kids or the adults...

then we rode some rides

then we made sand animalish-thingeemabobbers

all-in-all, the babies weren't impressed

but it sure wore uncle mario out!

finally, we were ready to go home. but not before we memorialized our trip with a pit stop at the old west tin-type photography studio.

thanks, grammy & grandpa for a GREAT day!


Mrs. Fix said...

I LOVE that the other baby (not sure what his name is!) is trying to eat Josiah in the last shot. Hilarious. Looks like a fun day.

Michele said...

The babies definitely win the prize for best photos, both of them!

Josh and Sabine said...

That's awesome! Love the photos!