Tuesday, December 11, 2007

a more "worldly" post

john and i went to his squadron christmas party on thursday. it was held at the marriott in mission valley.

riddle me this...why do there even exist establishments that serve alcohol without coca cola products? you might be wondering why i care...could i possibly prefer the taste of coke to pepsi so much that it really matters. well, the answer is no- not normally.

however, when i'm going to mix alcohol (read: jack daniels) and a "cola" together i do NOT want that cola to be pepsi.

have you ever heard anyone order a jack & pepsi? or a rum & pepsi? or a jim beam & pepsi??? i'm sure that the answer to all of these questions is a resounding NO. why, because it's gross...nay unnatural, to order something like that. people the world over agree that coke (and perhaps, just maybe diet coke) is the superior mixer. there isn't even any room for discussion. the mere thought of the taste of a jack & pepsi (and yes, i've had it) makes my lips pucker and initiates the gag reflex.

and how did we happen upon this horrible truth? my sweet, sweet husband ordered me a "jack & coke" from the bartender and, horror of horrors, watched him start to pour PEPSI into the glass on top of the jack. thankfully i wasn't there, or i probably would have let out a blood-curdling shriek. john, very calmly, asked whether the man was indeed using pepsi though he'd asked specifically for coke. the man affirmed. john, thoughtfully, changed my order to a cranberry juice & vodka. funny...he didn't try to sub apple juice?!?

and oh yeah...it was fun.

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Rachel said...

That's funny Christa, I was just talking about this at Jim's company Christmas Party. Can you say "tacky"? It just reeks of tackiness to me to use a pepsi mixer.