Monday, December 17, 2007

make-up is for girls

ella has recently started taking a real interest in make-up and all things girlie. to any of you out there that know me, this is probably mind-bottling (a la will ferrell)- i can count on one hand the number of times i've actually applied a face full of make-up.

not that i think i'm above it, i'm just not good at it.

but i digress...

ella found this lovely shade in my make-up bucket- it hails from a jackie kennedy costume i wore in the mid 90's. apparently lipstick has the half life of a twinkie, because when she applied it to my lips it was just as velvety smooth as i remembered. she also recently found the slightly more obnoxious shade that i wore to the white trash party and applied it before church. nice.

lipstick seems to be a recurrent theme in our mother-daughter relationship. the fault is mostly mine. i started it all off at her last birthday party when i inadvertently purchased disney princess lip gloss-locket party favors, only to discover that the lip gloss was really the shade of psychedelic purple kool-aid- a color it maintains on the skin. i bet all the moms can't wait for ella's next party so that they can wrestle more whorish party favors out of their sobbing daughter's hands post-party.

ah, motherhood.

p.s. i am not that tan- i think it's the fact that the lipstick has sucked all of the light out from around my lips like a black hole...

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Michele said...

That color is fabulous on both of you. Could you repeat the title of this post to my son every time you see him for a while? It doesn't seem to sinking in when I say it. :)