Thursday, November 29, 2007

the one the mice made

that's right folks...for two years running, ella chose to be cinderella for halloween. this year though, she stipulated the outfit. you guessed it, "the one the mice made." for those of you who haven't watched disney's cinderella lately, try and remember back...

cinderella climbs the many stairs to her castle tower after a grueling day of slave labor, sad as sad can be because her evil stepmother has ruined her chances of making a dress to wear to the ball. imagine her surprise when she opens the door to her tiny bedroom and there they are- her woodland friends- with a gorgeous dress for her to wear. that's the dress that ella wanted. so that's the dress that mommy made. sans pattern.

i think i'm pretty impressive (although i did have a generic dress pattern, to be honest, just not a pattern to tell me how on earth to make this particular dress that those disney geniuses drew NEVER to be replicated in the real world). i worked entirely from a photo i found on the internet. john thinks i should have added a hoop skirt. i didn't appreciate his input (i was 18 hours or so into the dress, after much use of the seam ripper). i think john's pretty impressive too, as he only grumbled a few times about the pink ribbons and material strewn all over our kitchen table.

she looked cute.

oh, and so did her brother. i like to call his costume "baby tiger."

she really liked her costume. her brother wasn't so sure.

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