Thursday, November 29, 2007

i love eating

josiah ate his first non-mommy-made meal yesterday...some rice cereal. he wasn't very impressed with it, so i made the mistake of thinking he wasn't ready for food.

i was wrong.

today he ate apples. he LOVED them. tonight he ate sweet potatoes. LOVED those too. i think we've got an eater on our hands. don't tell anyone that i introduced two foods on one day...if i remember correctly, you're not technically supposed to do that.

it was pretty cool, and i'm pretty excited that daddy can take over some of the feeding duties.


Dinsmores said...


I love the blog! I may have to copy that idea - all the family would love it.

Your kids seem amazing, thanks for sharing them.

Have a great Christmas.

-Christine Dinsmore (Devereux)

Mrs. Fix said...

I miss your family so much! "Now my turn alone" -- I love Ella's comments.