Wednesday, October 22, 2008

the split infinitive

to boldly go where no man has gone before. well, not necessarily boldly and not necessarily where no man has gone before. ella, grammy and i went to the san diego air & space museum for the star trek exhibition.

yes, friends, we are trekkies. ok, ella and i are just novice trekkies...but grammy?!? grammy is like the prime minister of trekistan. seriously. she LOVES star trek.

so, we ventured out to balboa park to see what star trek had to offer. it was impressive, even for someone who knows little about star trek. i don't really know which was more fun, seeing all the cool costumes; sitting on the bridge of the o.g. uss enterprise; getting beamed up, scottie; or listening to my mom rattle off more details than the museum itself.

it was awesome.

the awesome-ness also included glimpses of the teenager my daughter will become in a few years. she totally thought her mom and grammy were RIDICULOUS. and i realized that i won't always care if my daughter thinks i'm the "coolest" person in the long as she's willing to be a geek with me when i ask her to. note the look on the five year old's face as grammy and mommy feign fright at the thought of de-molecularizing in the transporter.


Anonymous said...

As I am eternally grateful to have a daughter who will graciously attend events of great geek-dom such as this with her mom.
Signed - the Star Trek Grammy

Lauren said...

You are are also a good daughter to go with your mom! My mom would adore attending anything Star-Trek related with me.

Mrs. Fix said...

TREKKIE!!!!! :)