Sunday, August 24, 2008

it's fun being one!

as you may have noticed- unless i'm writing this blog and no one is reading it- i haven't managed any posts in a while.
yeah, it's been a bit busy.
i won't go into any of the details of all of that...i've got to leave something for future posts.
this morning, i'd like to talk about our youngest- who is getting older every day and has hit a landmark.

josiah is one.

it seems such a short time ago that i heard his first pitious little cry from the delivery room and this bundle of mucky baby was brought over for my inspection and instant overwhelming love.

i guess it's only fair to include a shot of daddy's first meeting, 6 weeks later.

and of course, big sister's too. well, not their first meeting, but one with fewer tubes and things so she could actually get to see a bit of him.
actually, josiah turned one on july 16th. mommy isn't very on top of things, so josiah's birthday party wasn't until august 21st. i don't even know if you'd call it a "party," it was really just an opportunity to get his picture taken with a face full of cake.

note the speculative sideways glance that says, 'oh, hmmm, what is this?!?!'

followed by a tentative examination

a careful tasting, 'ah...i taste a hint of something sweet. yes, yes, there's also a good deal of fat in there. hmm, interesting i think i like this.'

'oh, by jove, yes. i do like this. quite a lot actually.'

'delicious, mother, really. you've really outdone yourself with the box cupcake recipe.'

'if...i...could...just...reach...that...crumb...there...ah, yes there it is.'

'i LOVE you mommy (not quite as much as i love cake, but you don't need to know that), thank you!'

and, it's bath time.

well, happy birthday little boy. we sure do love this guy, and man is he good looking (got a lot of DiBernardo in that boy!)


Rachel said...

He is just so cute..I just love the pictures...what a beautiful boy he is...certainly a Wagner!

Caleb and Jennifer said...

Crista...he is SO cute! I can't believe that Caleb got to meet him without sad. It was great talking to you last week!

Sabine said...

HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY Josiah! He is SOOOOO cute, Crista!

Mrs. Fix said...

I love the professional pictures with the sleeves rolled up. Adorable. Happy Birthday Josiah!

Stephanie said...

#1. wasn't he born, like, a month ago? it feels like it.

#2. if connor looks half as cute as josiah in his one year portraits, i'll consider myself lucky!