Sunday, July 13, 2008

fun with grandpa

remember that heat wave we had a couple of weeks ago? you know the one that came on suddenly and reminded us all why we really don't want summer to arrive, even though we've been complaining about how "cold" it is in san diego in the winter? the one that came before the "summer heat" actually arrived? the one where the week before, the average temperatures were in the mid 60s and then one day it was 95 and then the next day it was 65 again?!?

you know what i'm talking about, right?

well, at that same time, i decided to turn on the a/c so josiah could take his nap in relative comfort and discovered that our a/c is broken.

we decided that a much better way to beat the heat would be to travel to "grampa" wagner's house and hang out under the lovely trees in the backyard and sit in the kiddy pool. so, that's exactly what we did.

it was a lovely day, as it always is when we get to spend the day with grampa. he always has interesting stories to tell and will condescend to sit and lounge with us and let kids squeal and splash him.

grampa is fun.

we love grampa.

can't you tell?


Sabine said...

Cute! I always love seeing grandparents interact with their grandkids. There's just something really sweet about it.

Bre said...

Those pictures are PRECIOUS!!! What a fun grandpa!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Grampa IS fun! We love him too!

Mrs. Fix said...

Josiah looks so much older than when we were out there! I love kiddy pools!